Cast Aluminium Hot-water Radiator Line “Orion”, Lipovica, 2005

By jurica, 3 May, 2005


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  • [Post - Title]: Cast Aluminium Hot-water Radiator Line “Orion”, Lipovica, 2005
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  • Client Name: Lipovica
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  • Acquiring: Order
  • Status: Completed
  • Start Date: February, 2005
  • End Date: May, 2005
  • Building/Production Start Date: January, 2006
  • Address: Lipovečka 22, Popovača, Croatia
  • Geo Location: 45.5710828, 16.6272251
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The Orion radiator is the latest design and engineering solution in Lipovica product program. It’s the result of new trends on the world market that has shown interest for heat exchangers that with the same surface area and thanks to their depth can provide more effective heating.
It features soft corners that, in contrast to its large mass and noticeable volume, emphasises a strong and reliable heat source that will meet your expectations.
Thanks to its technical and thermal properties, the Orion radiator is efficient, possesses a fresh design and is modern looking, while its aluminium alloy properties from which it is constructed ensures resistance, durability and reliability.
Aesthetically and technically perfect, the Orion radiator will bring into any area much warmth and style.



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