Synthesis is  founded at the beginning of 2003 by Jurica Huljev as a result of more than ten years of experience in wide spectrum of services. Starting from Architecture, Graphic and Product Design, 3D Modelling, Visualizations, to the Web, Multimedia and Programming. Our goal is to combine all the aspects of project creation, starting from basic idea all the way to the final realization. We are trying to provide high quality services that are result of all the mentioned above, and at the same moment we are searching for new, innovative and creative solutions that completely respond to customer demands.

For our highly professional work we have received numerous awards and have long list of satisfied customers.

Since 2009 Synthesis has been designing and manufacturing high performance concrete products characterized by perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship, innovative manufacturing techniques, and cosmopolitan designs. The generous and clear-cut shapes of the individual pieces surprise with their particular details and sophisticated solutions.

We love TO CREATE!

[Works from 1994 to 2004] 2003-2006 Synthesis Website

[Works from 1994 to 2006] 2006-2012 Synthesis Website

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