Dining Table II, Synthesis, 2008

By jurica, 10 November, 2008


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  • [Post - Title]: Dining Table II, Synthesis, 2008
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  • [Project - Short Title]: Dining Table II
  • [Project - Rating]: 5
  • [Project - Production - Concrete]: Yes
  • [Project - Production - Furniture]: Yes
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  • Client Name: Synthesis
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  • Acquiring: Own Project
  • Status: Completed
  • Start Date: October, 2008
  • End Date: November, 2008
  • Address: Croatia


Dining Table II is an attention snatching cantilever dinning table. Made of solid cast concrete stand and lightweight but strong metal construction with natural wood surface it allows floating console appearance. Top wood surface can be covered with glass.

Table size is 220x90cm. Concrete stand size is 60x35cm and weight is 250kg. It can be positioned in the center of the table or in eccentric position of maximum 60cm in 20cm steps. In that extreme position it can withstand weight of 60kn on the other console end.