Production Lab

We are a visionary design-based fabrication company, specializing in concrete, with over 20 years of experience in architectural/product design and production.

In response to the ever-shifting nature of built form in architecture and design, we created the Synthesis Production Lab.

Synthesis is the first and to date only design/production-oriented company in Croatia to devote its programme to exploring digitalization and its implications for concrete design and production.

Synthesis has had the courage to leave conventional paths and offer surfaces, structures & products that are surprisingly bold and rough and yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The mission of this new-innovation centre is to offer solutions for the development and fabrication of advanced 3D forms from initial hand-drawn sketches and simple 3D models to full-scale installation.

Trained as architects, we approach each project primarily with the design intent.

We're continuously finding new solutions to your most challenging ideas and problems, thanks to decades of experimentation with materials and processes.

We love to discuss options, prototype and mock-up, and make suggestions based on our years of training and experience.

Each new Lab project is unique, requiring a variety of tools including complex 3D and parametric modelling, CNC milling, 3D-printing, carpentry, welding, sophisticated mold-making, advanced materials solutions. Large number of our projects also include electronics and programming.

The cross-pollination of knowledge and innovation in both crafts and the latest technology can deliver better projects.

We are harnessing the potential of self-designed Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), exploring new technologies in fabrication.

We are engaged in construction and fabrication projects for residential, institutional and commercial applications. Designing and producing architectural elements such as urban furniture to surfaces, screen walls and exterior building elements. We are creating original, site-specific hand-crafted bespoke works for architects, designers and brands internationally.