Lounge bar ‘Dojmi’ Concrete Mix Design, HP Fjord, 2012

By jurica, 12 March, 2012


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‘Dojmi’ is the town cafe bar, located at the most beautiful location in Kotor in front of the walls of the Old City.
Made in a combination of concrete and glass Kotor gives waterfront a special glow.

Coffee bar “Dojmi” was once a place of rich cultural life, a place that has inspired many artists. Today it is a complex that combines a restaurant with a special and traditional kitchen, coffee bar, and an outdoor cocktail bar, which serves as the perfect summer place for young people to have fun.

Project is a winning design by Katusic Kocbek Arhitekti.

Our task on this project was to provide special concrete SCC mix formula and procedure to satisfy complex shapes, color, structural and local demands.

We consulted investor / architect about concrete, procedures of installation and formwork.